TSA Agent Complaints

TSA agents are working . . . but unfortunately, they aren’t getting paid because of the government shutdown.  So put that at the top of this list of The Top TSA Agent Complaints.

  • Having to dig into a dude’s fat rolls to look for more than four ounces of shampoo.

  • Supervisors that shut down any attempt to do their jobs “Bird Box” style.

  • You want stress?  Trying being America’s last line of defense against nail clippers!

  • No matter how hard they try, the radiation in the X-ray machine isn’t strong enough to turn them into mutant superheroes.

  • It’s never the Scarlett Johansson types who get picked for the random strip search, is it?

  • Barking orders all day makes for a rough night of karaoke.

  • All that weed they confiscate?  They don’t get to keep it.

  • Starting your day at the crack of dawn for no pay?  What am I, a teacher? 

  • Southwest pilots getting them contact drunk.

  • Having to spend all the money they make every day just to buy lunch at the airport.