Study: Women Have a Higher Pain Threshold than Men

Women can handle pain better than men, a new study suggests.

And it all comes down to how the sexes remember their past agony differently. Scientists in Canada were stunned to discover men and women dont recall past pain in the same way.

 Their “surprise” findings show while women forget, men don’t.

And so when it comes to facing the same pain again, men are more “stressed and hypersensitive” to that pain than women.

Jeffrey Mogil, who led the study at McGill University, said: “We were blown away when we saw that there seemed to be the same difference between men and women as we had seen in mice.”

 And Loren Martin, from the University of Toronto, added: “What was even more surprising was that the men reacted more. Because it is well known that women are both more sensitive to pain than men and that they are also generally more stressed out.”

 “I think it’s appropriate to say that further study of this extremely robust phenomenon might give us insights that may be useful for future treatment of chronic pain and I don’t often say that. One thing is for sure, after running this study, I’m not very proud of my gender.”