Easy Ways to Burn Calories in the Winter

If you’re trying to get some weight off in the new year, here are some not-too-grueling activities that can burn 200 calories in under an hour . . .

  1.  Going for a leisurely walk.  It burns 230 calories an hour, on average.
  2.  Bowling.  Tossing that ball over and over again will burn 246 calories in an hour.
  3.  A casual bike ride.  Even if you keep it under 10 miles an hour, you’ll burn 328 calories in 60 minutes.
  4.  Golfing.  If you carry your clubs, you’ll burn 353 calories an hour.
  5. Casual downhill skiing or snowboarding.  Also, 353 calories an hour.
  6. Ice skating.  A whopping 574 calories an hour.