Surprising Facts about the Mona Lisa

The “Mona Lisa Effect” – the impression that the eyes of a subject are staring right at or following a viewer – is actually a misnomer, German researchers found in a study published this week. What else don’t we know about the world’s most famous painting?”


  • She’s mocking you, loser

  • The background is from an old Sears portrait studio

  • 5 words: naked from the waist down

  • Real name: Myrtle Plotnick

  • Original version was in crushed velvet

  • If you look hard enough, you can find Waldo

  • She’s smiling because your zipper is down

  • Spent five hours in hair and makeup before posing

  • Was considered ahead of its time, but then so was bathing

  • She’s flashing what appear to be gang signs