Traits of a Perfect Roommate

A recent survey found about 30% of us have ended up in a romantic relationship with a roommate before.  Which is all fine and good until it goes south, because then you’re STUCK with them.

The survey also looked at the top ten traits of the PERFECT roommate.  And most of them also apply to living with a partner or spouse . . .

 1.  They pay their bills on time.

 2.  They do their fair share of the chores.

 3.  They always wash their dishes.

 4.  They take the trash out without being asked.

 5.  They don’t spend forever in the bathroom.

 6.  They don’t leave dirty plates sitting out.  That one’s basically the same as #3.  So apparently dishes are doubly important.

 7.  They get along with your friends.

 8.  They don’t eat your food.

 9.  If they want to throw a party, they run it by you first.

 10.  They’re always there if you need to talk.  The top 20 also include good taste in music . . . good taste in movies . . . not hogging the remote . . . occasionally cooking for you . . . and being GONE most of the time.