Cody Parkey Practiced Hitting Poles

If you’re a Chicago Bears fan, you’re probably still upset about CODY PARKEY missing the potential game-winning field goal on Sunday.

For everyone else, it’s still pretty amazing that he somehow hit both the goalpost AND the crossbar . . . especially since he’s hit the goalpost on five OTHER kicks this season alone, including FOUR times in a single game.  (Here’s video.)

Well, maybe there IS an explanation.

Apparently, Cody works on his accuracy by PRACTICING HITTING POLES.  In fact, in 2016 he posted a video of himself nailing a light pole.  And back in 2012, he posted a TRIBUTE to goal posts.

For the record, even though Cody ‘double-doinked’ his big kick, it wasn’t his fault.

The NFL has confirmed that Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Treyvon Hester tipped the ball with his left hand . . . and they’ve officially changed it from a missed kick to a BLOCKED kick.


(Check out this AWESOME Spanish radio call on Cody’s missed field goal by an announcer named Rickie Ricardo.  The best part is how he keeps yelling “NO SENOR!  NO SENOR!  NO SENOR!”)