Signs You’ve Gotten Bad Butt Implants

Madonna is facing major critiques about her body after a new photo went viral this week. Following a New Year’s performance at New York’s Stonewall Inn, users on Twitter began attacking the 60-year-old singer, whose backside appeared curvier than usual. Many speculated the songstress got butt implants while others argued she was wearing some sort of padding under her pants.

  • Everywhere you go, people seem to be laughing behind you

  • Airlines insists on charging you for an extra seat

  • Someone recently mistook you for an escaped baboon

  • Your boyfriend nicknamed your butt crack “Silicone Valley”

  • Any underwear you put on automatically becomes a thong

  • You have to be pushed through bus doors

  • Even Sir Mix-a-Lot thinks you overdid it

  • Your pants size is “OMG”

  • You keep getting tickets for blocking the sidewalk

  • You’ve just been made an honorary Kardashian