People Are Sharing the Dumbest Things Their Teachers Taught Them

This week, a Reddit thread asked users, “What is the most hilariously incorrect thing a teacher told your class?” The thread quickly went viral, as more and more people started sharing the ridiculous – and totally, patently false – things they learned in school. Here are some of the funniest (and most alarming) responses:


·        “That dogs evolved longer faces so they could smell things around corners.”

 ·        “My science teacher, during the sex ed. portion of the year, said all penises are the same size ‘when it counts’.”

 ·        “If you jump up and down after sex, then it will kill the sperm and you can’t get pregnant.”

 ·        “If a bug was in an airplane it would not be able to fly forward because it could not fly faster than the plane was moving.”

 ·        “My grade 6 teacher told me that ‘fatigued’ was in fact not a word when I used it in a short story and insisted that I looked in the dictionary. Found it and proved her wrong in front of the whole class.”

 ·        “That a Big Mac from McDonald’s overwhelms your stomach with so much of everything that it doesn’t register you’ve eaten anything and that’s why you get hungry again.”

 ·        “Our teacher put materials from plants and materials from animals on a board. We could not convince her that wool was not a plant.”

 ·        “She showed us the flag of the United Kingdom and said, ‘This is the flag of America.'”

 ·        “A teacher of mine told us that the left side of your body is your feminine side, the right side is your masculine side. That’s why your skin is better on your left, your right is stronger, etc.