Let’s All Resolve to Stop Saying These Things to Pregnant Women

Should you be eating that? Sorry, did I wander into a doctor’s office? Because she already told me my diet do’s and don’ts.

 Pregnancy is so weird. Agreed. There’s literally a human growing inside my body. But I’d rather you say it’s magical or miraculous, so I feel powerful instead of like a sideshow attraction.

 You can’t do (insert myriad things here) because you’re pregnant. Unless you’re a doctor telling me to avoid something for the health of my baby, don’t assume I don’t want to – or can’t – do something because I-m pregnant. I can exercise. I can take the lead on work projects. I can go out with friends.

 Isn’t being pregnant wonderful? Sure, in theory. But the reality is that many women have rough pregnancies. Plus, we can’t have most of the stuff that makes us feel better like soft cheese, wine and sushi. A better question is, “How are you feeling?”

 You look like you’re about to pop. Thanks, I was worried no one would notice I’ve turned into a blimp. In general, just say, “You look great” and stop there.

 Let me tell you about this horrible birth story. Many expectant moms are riddled with anxiety about giving birth. So do us a favor, keep your awful story to yourself and spare us the extra nightmare.

 Did you plan to get pregnant? This question goes from zero to awkward in a flash. Does it matter if a pregnancy was planned if a woman has decided to carry it?

 Touch my belly without asking. This is worth repeating: Please don’t touch me without asking first.