How Long Does A Hangover Last, Anyway?

Hangovers are not so fun, but how long are they really supposed to last? Dr. Fred Goggans, the medical director of McLean Hospital’s McLean Borden Cottage admits that: “Hangovers are somewhat poorly understood from a medical standpoint.” Generally, the symptoms are considered a form of short-term withdrawal and tend to be time-limited. Additionally, your liver has to work overtime. The strength and length of your hangover goes hand in hand with the amount of alcohol you had, how dehydrated you are, how badly you slept, the color of the booze you drank (the darker the worse your hangover), your age (the older you are the worse it gets), and if you drank on an empty stomach. Other things that can impact your hangover: if you have your period (in this case your body is already dealing with one thing, so a hangover can zap your energy even further), and medications that you’ve taken that are metabolized by the liver and kidneys, as you need those organs to be getting rid of the alcohol, and they can get sidetracked dealing with your medications. In other words, there are lots of factors¬† that can affect how long your hangover lasts. (Women’s Health)¬†