What Is Cuffing Season, Anyway?

“Cuffing season” has entered the cultural zeitgeist with full force over the last few years. It’s been in the social landscape since at least 2011, when Urban Dictionary defined it as a time period wherein we stop having rampant sex after a summer of lovin’ and settle down with one companion to wait out the winter.


When does cuffing season start, exactly? The time-frame varies from person to person, from website to website, from article to article. All we know is that once summer is over and the weather starts changing, people seem to start pairing off into oblivion.


Will my relationship survive past cuffing season? Whether or not a relationship will survive cuffing season has a lot less to do with the weather and more to do with the relationship itself. If you have a healthy, good, happy relationship that started as the weather was getting cold, it doesn’t mean you’ll wake up and be like, “Hey, I am over it because it’s warm!” as soon as the sun comes out.


What does “cuffing” actually mean? To be honest, even definitions of “cuffing” vary widely, but the most popular answer by far is that it comes from “handcuff.” As in, you’ve handcuffed someone to yourself, figuratively, for the season.


Should you cuff someone or not? If you want a partner, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s great, too. Don’t let cold weather be a determining factor in whether or not you want to settle down for a while. Good relationships are very rarely formed on the basis of simply not wanting to be alone.