Trends We’ll Be Obsessing over in 2019

 Check back in about 360 days and see if any of this is accurate…

1. Mushroom-infused cocktails will be all the rage. Nearly 70 percent of bartenders are experimenting with mushroom-infused spirits, according to a recent trend forecast. At Ghost Donkey, the New York tequila bar that sells a huitlacoche-infused mezcal called the Mushroom Margarita, head bartender Ignacio “Nacho” Jimenez says, “There is definitely a trend toward more savory ingredients in cocktails, with a big emphasis on vegetables and vegetal notes.”


2. Flip phones will make a comeback. By this time next year, an old school flip phone with smartphone technology will be the hottest tech of 2019. But the return of this once antiquated design isn’t about nostalgia – it’s about being practical. “Every person I know has broken the glass in their phone at least once,” says Brett Newman, co-founder of Daylight Design. “A folding phone that can protect its face and be half the size is responding to a real need.”


3. More companies will try the 30-hour work week. 2019 could be the year when a four-day work week becomes the norm. For one thing, millennials want it. Several recent studies have found that younger workers prioritize “work-life balance” over career advancement. And a recent experiment at a New Zealand firm found that a four-day work week made employees more productive.


4. Bite-sized travel will be the new big vacation. Over half of global travelers – 53 percent – plan on taking smaller weekend trips in 2019 instead of big, extravagant vacations that last for a week or more. Just getting out of town for a night is enough, and the short jaunts have partly been fueled by social media. “People like to brag about what they do rather than what they have,” says Pepijn Rijvers at “Micro-trips allow travelers to have multiple experiences, giving them lots to brag about year-round.”