Saying “I Love You” During the Holidays Is So Romantic & Here’s Why


If you’ve seen even one Christmas rom-com, you’ll know that love is in the air just as much as the snow. Not only is there a lot of inspiration for a romantic display of affection, but there’s also a message about the things to really appreciate during this time. If you think your partner’s presence is a present in and of itself, consider letting them know.

 THE HOLIDAY ISN’T DIRECTLY ABOUT ROMANCE, SO IT CAN FEEL SWEETER. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it could be tempting to wait for that holiday to roll around. But because it’s so directly about romance, it can feel predictable to drop the L-word then. The holiday season can be a sweeter time to tell your sweetheart how you feel because it’s less about romance and more about appreciating the things that you really love.

 YOU HAVE TIME TO BE TOGETHER. Unlike other holidays, you are likely to have at least a bit of time together with your partner to just appreciate each other. If you and your partner are taking a big trip to visit family, you are likely to feel like you’re both on a team together. There’s something sweet about leveling up your intimacy with one another by being honest about how you feel.

 END YOUR YEAR WITH A WARM MOMENT. Wrapping up the year can be a bittersweet time. You can reflect on your experiences and pause before the new year begins. Telling your partner that you love them could be a really lovely way to end your year and welcome the start of a new one.