How To Avoid A Cold When You Feel One Coming On

The Holiday season is also cold and flu season, so how can you avoid getting a nasty bug? Dr. Nodar Jonas, medical director at Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Manhattan says it’s all about what you do when you first start feeling sick. Jonas says you should treat early symptoms the same as you would if you were experiencing a full-blown cold. Dr. Kristin Dean, associate medical director at Doctor On Demand adds that most of the time over the counter (OTC) products haven’t been proven to be super effective in preventing a full-blown cold, so instead you should make sure you stick to the basics– stay hydrated and get plenty of rest. You could also add ingredients into your diet like garlic and ginger, which certified holistic health coach Jessica Rosen says have anti-inflammatory properties. She also says green juice can help you fight off a cold.  (Elite Daily