What It Means If Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Forgets Your Anniversary

It can be frustrating if your boyfriend or girlfriend forgets your anniversary, but what does it mean, really? Dr. Joshua Klapow, clinical psychologist says you have to consider the context of this mistake before you can deem it a red flag or not. He says, “Forgetting is human,” and says it all depends on how they react. If you remind them about it, or they miss it by a day, and they are apologetic about their mistake and want to make it up to you, it can signify that it was an accident. Klapow adds that while it’s rare for someone to forget an anniversary within the first five years of a relationship, it’s more likely to happen after the first decade. If the person forgets, is confronted, and then doesn’t respond apologetically with empathy and care—then it’s a red flag. Klapow says if your partner is dismissive, defensive, and doesn’t apologize sincerely when you explain that their mistake hurt you it could mean that they don’t place enough significance on your relationship. Also, if the reaction is part of a larger pattern it could indicate if they are just bad with remembering dates or if they’re being neglectful. He adds, “Celebrating anniversaries, making relationship milestones, making the relationship a priority is critical to the survival of the relationship. Making sure that the relationship is nurtured is the responsibility of both partners.”
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