Top Tips for Traveling During the Holiday Season

The holiday travel season is just about upon us.  So to help make sure your travels go smoothly, check out this list of The Top Tips for Traveling During the Holiday Season.

  • When driving on the highway, remember:  Stay in the right lane.  The left lane is for ME.

  • Know those people you call “family”?  Make them drive separately.

  • Get to the airport early so you can share drinks with your pilot.

  • If possible, leave the kids at home.  They’re very resourceful and can fight off burglars single-handedly if necessary.  I saw it on TV.

  • Save space in your luggage by vacationing at a nudist resort.

  • Neatly label your medication so it doesn’t accidentally get mixed up with your party drugs.

  • Leave your lights on at home . . . so that when burglars look in your windows, they can clearly see you’re not there.

  • If you find yourself on icy roads, be sure to drive as fast as possible, to minimize the time you’re in dangerous conditions.

  • Expect airport delays . . . then lose your mind anyway when they occur.

  • Have a plan in place of who to eat first if you get stuck.

  • If you’re driving through tough neighborhoods, bring along some fruitcake.  This will give you something hard enough to deflect bullets.

  • Think of something for the kids to do on long road trips . . . like games or writing your obituary.

  • To beat traffic and crowds during your Christmas travel, leave in January.