Tips for Getting into the Christmas Spirit

It’s Christmastime, but you’re just not feeling it.  We can help you get out of Scrooge-mode with this list of The Top Tips for Getting into the Christmas Spirit.

  • Light a roaring fire in your fireplace . . . and throw ugly Christmas sweaters in it.

  • Think of all the things you’re thankful for.  Like the fact Kathie Lee will soon be a distant memory.

  • That deer you just hit with your car?  Bring it home, slap a red Christmas light on its nose, and call it Rudolph.

  • Instead of baking cookies, just get baked.

  • Make a hush payment to Mrs. Claus at the behest of Individual-1.

  • Get into a heated Facebook argument over whether or not “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie.

  • Make anatomically correct snow angels.

  • Post a bunch of photos of your cat wearing adorable reindeer antlers . . . while trying to avoid wondering why you’re still single.

  • Go caroling.  Unless you live in Chicago.  Then crouch behind your front door with a shotgun poised to return fire.

  • If you work in the White House, rejoice in the Christmas miracle that you haven’t been fired or indicted . . . yet.

  • Make homemade gifts for your loved ones . . . so you can afford that 65-inch flat screen for yourself.

  • Go to a soup kitchen.  Sometimes the soup is AWESOME!