Are Christmas Trees Safe For Pets?

Christmas trees make your house feel cozy and warm, but they can be potentially dangerous for pets. Pet supply company Hartz warns on its website that “oils produced by fir trees can be irritating to a pet’s mouth and stomach, causing excessive vomiting or drooling” and it also notes that the tree’s needles are considered to be “mildly toxic.” Modern Dog Magazine says the pine needles can damage your cat or dog’s eyes if they run into the tree, and tree water can poison your pet after “only a few laps,” according to PetMD. Getting a fake tree won’t remove all the risk either. Hartz warns “Be extra vigilant if you use an artificial tree, especially as it becomes more brittle with age. Small pieces of plastic or aluminum can break off and cause an intestinal blockage or mouth irritation if ingested by your dog.” Other holiday items that are hazardous to your dog or cat: poinsettia (especially for cats), mistletoe, and even lights, tinsel and ornaments.