The Weirdest Dating and Relationship Stats of 2018

Here are a few conversation starters…or conversation stoppers, as the case may be.

 ·        11 percent of men wanted to date someone MORE after being ghosted by them.

 ·        23 percent of males injured themselves while masturbating.

 ·        Married people living in Montana, North Dakota, and Nebraska searched the most frequently for sex toys online.

 ·        59 percent of men would’ve shaved off their facial hair for sex.

 ·        1 in 3 men preferred to be the little spoon.

 ·        10 percent of singles valued live music over sex.

 ·        The top 3 deal-breakers in L.A. were practicing Scientology, crashing on someone else’s couch, and carrying a small dog in your purse.

 ·        22 percent of singles used their partner’s toothbrush, and 76 percent never told their partner.

 ·        30 percent of women snooped in their partner’s undie drawer.