Grinch Tweets

When he’s not busy trying to steal Christmas, the Grinch jumps on Twitter. Here are The Top Grinch Tweets.

  • I hope none of these tweets ruin my chance at hosting the Oscars.
  • So yeah, I tried vegan roast beast, and let’s just say I’m not evolving on EVERYTHING.
  • I didn’t choose the humbug life, the humbug life chose me.
  • Thanks to my alt-right sympathies, I can also ruin Hanukkah.
  • Anyone ever stop to think that the reason I’m so miserable is because there are no Grinchettes?
  • What you don’t see in the movie is that after I returned all the gifts, I wrote it off on my taxes as a charitable donation.
  • Donald Duck may have gone jacket-hat-no-pants first, but I wore it better.
  • Just came from the doctor. Turns out your heart growing three sizes in one day is NOT a good thing.
  • I’m not green. I just look this way because I ate Chipotle. #FunFact
  • I’m just Oscar the Grouch without the unibrow. #Confessions
  • Don’t worry, I’m planning to steal those red demon trees Melania put up.
  • PETA is on my case for making my dog pull an overloaded sled.
  • I steal an entire holiday from them and all they can think to do is sing? Weak.
  • #greenlivesmatter.