Study: No Matter How Much Money You Have You’ll Never Be Happy

It seems the more people have, the more they want. Harvard Business School researchers asked 2,000 millionaires about their level of happiness. The results showed nearly every respondent said they’d need to double or triple their wealth in order to be perfectly content. Specifically, 25 percent of those worth $1.5 million said they’d need eleven times more money to be perfectly happy, while another 25 percent said they’d need six times as much. Interestingly, this trend held for all levels of wealth. Study leader, Professor Michael Norton, says, “Our results suggest the curve does not fully flatten out.” The data also revealed that those who earned their fortune were happier than those who merely inherited it, and that millionaires worth more than $7.6 million were found to be happier than those with about $1.2 million.¬† (Daily Mail)¬†