Is Being A Night Owl Bad For Your Health?

Whether you like to stay up late or rise with the sun can apparently impact your health. A new international review of studies finds night owls have a higher risk of suffering from heart disease and type 2 diabetes than early risers. The data shows people who go to bed later tend to have unhealthier diets, consuming more alcohol, sugars, caffeinated drinks and fast food than early risers. They also reported more erratic eating patterns since they miss breakfast and eat later in the day. Study leader Dr. Suzana Almoosawai from Northumbria University in the UK says, “Further research on the best methods to assess an individual’s chronotype [ (their natural inclination to be a night owl or an early riser) ] and how this may affect their long-term cardiometabolic health can potentially guide the development of health promotion strategies aimed at preventing and treating chronic diseases based on an individual’s chronotype.”