Little Known Facts about Judge Judy

It took 23 years, but Judith Sheindlin is officially the highest-paid host on TV, knocking Ellen DeGeneres into second place. The Judge Judy host sold the rights to past and future episodes to CBS for an estimated $100 million last year.  Here are a few other things you might not have known…

  • Carrying on a secret affair with Judge Joe Brown

  • Under the robes, she’s going totally commando

  • Willing to referee cockfights for money

  • Half the time she just flips a coin

  • Has sentenced over 1,000 people to death

  • Doesn’t mind if you pee on her leg, as long as you don’t tell her it’s raining

  • If she rules against you, you can still appeal to Judge Reinhold

  • Posed for the centerfold in the August ’54 issue of  Harvard Law Review

  • Once knocked a defendant cold with her gavel