People Who Love Black Friday Shopping VS. Those Who Hate It

Black Friday has a tendency to divide people– some love it, some hate it– but whichever you camp you fall into says a lot about you. Psychologists generally divide the world into two groups: those who tend to focus more on achieving tasks versus those who focus more on making connections with others. Task-oriented shoppers usually focus on finding the things they need as quickly as possible and with the least amount of effort, while socially oriented shoppers enjoy the presence of others while they shop. There’s evidence that task-oriented shoppers are more likely to find even a few nearby shoppers to be an obstacle that slows them down while social shoppers are actually energized by their fellow shoppers. Another thing that influences whether or not you’ll be wanting to head to stores on Black Friday: how much personal space you’re comfortable with. And remember– you can also snag Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals online if you are uncomfortable heading to brick-and-mortar stores.