4 Things You Need to Know about Pickable, the New Dating App

1. It’s built on anonymity. Pickable is a totally anonymous experience for women, right up until they come across a guy they want to connect with. Unlike other apps, female users don’t have to worry about coworkers, exes, etc. coming across their profiles. Women start by downloading the app and browsing anonymously. Men, on the other hand, create a simple profile with their name and photo, as well as an optional bio.

 2. It saves you time. Pickable helps you avoid the dreaded ‘pen pal’ situation where you and your matches talk forever, but never actually meet up in reality. Women may have anonymity on Pickable, but men also luck out: All they have to do is chill out and wait until they’re notified that someone wants to chat, and from there (if they’re interested) they can engage, and then take the conversation where it should be — offline, ASAP.

 3. It cuts out the stuff that doesn’t matter. With some apps, you’re practically encouraged to build out elaborate profiles with clever bios and the *perfect* pictures that show you from all the right angles. But how much does that stuff actually matter in the long run? Not much, according to Pickable. With their minimalist profiles for men, and no profiles for women, they’re cutting out all the fluff and getting straight to what’s most important: Meeting up in real life to see if you’re actually compatible.

 4. It evens the playing field. Even though the Pickable experience differs for men and women, a couple crucial things remain the same: Neither can send unsolicited messages, and once a woman’s chat request is accepted by a man, EITHER can send the first message. This gives both parties the ability to come up with a fun opening line, and makes unsolicited messages from people you’re not interested in a thing of the past.