The Best Kissing Tips and Techniques, According to Women

Kissing tip 1: Take care of your breath. Take your breath into consideration. Bad breath or scummy teeth will always be a turnoff for a potential partner. It might seem trivial, but science says there are legitimate reasons we trip over someone’s breath. By swapping saliva, you’re able to tell if a person’s immune system compliments yours. Evolutionary speaking, if you choose a mate with a complementary immune system, you’ll produce stronger offspring. We know, science. So cool.

 Kissing tip 2: Be gentle. Overeager kisses are always bad. A good kiss would be relaxed and natural. Does that mean no tongue? Not necessarily. Start with slow kisses, move to opening your mouth a little, and if it feels right-try a little tongue.

 Kissing tip 3: Kissing doesn’t always mean sex is on the table.

Don’t think that a kiss guarantees sex. Just because someone makes out with you, doesn’t mean they want to sleep with you. Before you kiss someone, be sure they’re into it.

 Kissing tip 4: Kissing and cuddling never stop being important. The first smooch may score you a second date, but kisses are important throughout a relationship. Showing your partner affection keeps them in a comfortable state. For many of us, we need intimacy to be reminded we’re valued and appreciated. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together three months or ten years, kissing is always needed.