Some things I THINK I think….

  1.  Snow….I hate it.  Accuweather is calling for four and a half more months of grumpy.
  2. Speaking of snow…to the person who thought it was a good idea to crest a hill straddling the middle of the road…it wasn’t.  And thanks for stopping to help me get out of the snow bank.
  3. If you want your pets to get a picture taken with Santa, please stop at the Annette Yorks Group / Perry Wellington Realty Saturday morning from 9 – Noon.  They’re located in the Hills Plaza in State College between Victory and Weis Market.  The Yorks Group and The Bus are teaming up to help PAWS during the Holiday Season.  Just pay $5 to PAWS for the picture and feel free to use it on any gifts or cards you’d like!