This Is Why I Decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving

There’s a group of people in this world who acknowledge Christmas before Thanksgiving. There are lots of us and we can’t help it; as soon as Halloween is over we declare it’s the Christmas season and it’s time to bust out the garlands, stocking, and bows. These people know it REALLY upsets other people, so why do they do it? Here are some reasons:

 ·        A Few Weeks of Holiday Decorations Isn’t Enough: It was never enough time to enjoy the holiday cheer and I wanted more. I vowed that I would spread the damn festivities out for a longer period of time when I was older. In fact, decorating for Christmas whenever I want is one of my favorite parts of being an adult.

 ·        I Still Acknowledge Thanksgiving: Just because my house looks like a snow globe it doesn’ mean I don’t celebrate or acknowledge Thanksgiving. I mean, why can’t I enjoy a turkey leg and stuffing while looking at a sparkly tree?

 ·        People Who Decorate for Christmas Early Are Happier: It’s been proven people who decorate for Christmas early are happier people. And I believe it. My house and my mood is better when I’m greeted by a twinkling tree every morning, and I can sit in the dark and night and stare at the lights until they become of blur of magic.