Is It Normal To Become More Like Your Significant Other Over Time?

Have you noticed that you have become a lot like your significant other since you guys have been together? Turns out, this is totally normal! According to a recent study in the journal Self and Identity, a group of researchers created a longitudinal survey and gave it to couples at various stages of their marriage.  The couples were asked to respond to the survey after only six months of marriage. They were then asked to regularly respond until they had been together for three years. Researchers found that overtime, the couples started to undergo something called “identity fusion” — meaning that they started to develop similar personalities as a result of their emotional connection. Meanwhile, the study also found that the more people are “fused” with their partner seemed to fight less. Head researcher Courtney Walsh said,  “We found that (when) people said that they felt more merged with their partner, they were less likely to be tracking their partner’s day-to-day negative behaviors.” She added that they “responded to conflict in a more constructive, pro-relationship way.”