Study: Marriage Makes You Healthier … Unless You’re A Straight Woman

A new study has found that marriage makes you healthier because your spouse encourages you to take care of yourself. Ohio State University interviewed ninety married couples about their health and found that straight women, lesbians and gay men tend to check on their partner’s health and encourage them to go to the doctor. Meanwhile, straight men seem to take a backseat when it comes to their health and their partner’s health. So, how should women get their men to care more about health? Psychotherapist William Berry said that recognizing the behavior is not enough. He explained, “People do not have to accept these roles, and can become aware of them and alter them before the relationship is damaged. Men may be inclined to be more playful, and women to be more motherly, but with knowledge of the roots of these motivations, partners can have improved understanding, compassion, and dialogue.”