7 Crappy (But Totally Normal) Stages of a Break-Up

1. Denial. Instead of checking your phone every five seconds for a text of reconciliation (hmm, not likely), or even worse, backsliding into your new ex’s bed looking for some kind of comfort, lean on your friends and family for support.


2. Anger. You have a right to feel angry with how things went down-especially if you’re the person who was broken up with or done dirty.  But doing something drastic when you’re absolutely furious isn’t worth the consequences.


3. Sadness. This is one of the healthiest stages of a breakup. Allow yourself to feel all the sadness now, and you’ll have an easier time moving on later. Trust.


4. Jealousy and Competitiveness. Maybe you sign into your BFF’s socials to stalk your ex’s accounts. Maybe you patrol his followers list and creep on every woman’s account who has double-liked one of his pics post-breakup… It’s savage, but maybe a little much. You’re in a not super secure time in your life right now, and you know it, so put. The. Phone. Down.


5. Apathy. This is quite literally a feeling of nothingness. You are fully immersed in processing the new information that who you may have thought was your person is not. And for that reason, you are left feeling empty.


6. Acceptance. Suddenly, you get it. I mean, really get it. You make peace with your loss and you start to feel ready to move on.


7. Hope. Ah, the final stage. You made it! You’re ready to try again and know there could be someone else out there.