Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Order Room Service

Someone who handles room service at a five-star hotel posted a list of things they wish guests wouldn’t do.  Here are the top four . . .

1.  Don’t answer the door half-naked.  It’s amazing how often it happens.

2.  Don’t ignore them in the hallway or while they’re wheeling your food in.  They like it when people make small talk and ask how their day is going. 

3.  Don’t order at the last second, right before the kitchen closes.  Or if you do, at least give them a decent tip.  Most hotels let you order ahead of time, and they always appreciate it when you do.

4.  Don’t expect them to make anything you want.  If your kid wants a grilled cheese or something simple that’s not on the menu, they can probably handle that.  Just don’t ask for frog legs and a slice of carrot cake and expect them to make it happen.

One more bonus tip:  Don’t use the mini-bar.  Obviously you CAN if you want.  That’s what it’s there for.  But it’s pricey, and the staff secretly hates having to restock it all the time.  So they actually prefer it when you bring your own snacks and drinks.  (Business Insider)