Dudes Reveal the Best Pickup Lines Women Have Sent Them on Tinder

1.”One time this girl told me my profile smelled nice. I just had to respond to find out if she was funny or insane.” – Brad, 33

 2. “I like it when she starts with something like, ‘You can take me home to momma.’ Or keeps it simple with, ‘You have a beautiful smile.'” – Anthony, 28

3 “One time a girl messaged me, “Hey, we matched. Who cares?'” – Kyle, 29

4. “The polar bear line always cracks me up. She asked, ‘How much does a polar bear weigh?’ I replied, ‘About 950 pounds. What’s up?'” [Ed. note: The correct answer to the polar bear pickup line is: “Enough to break the ice.”] – Derek, 30

 5. “I dig normal messages. A hello and bringing up a shared interest is more my speed. Overall, I just want the conversation geared towards actually meeting up for a date.” – Denzel, 27

6. “I’d respond well if someone asked me out for coffee.” – Grant, 26

 9. “This one is relevant to my job: ‘If I told you I worked for UPS, would you let me handle your package?'” – Kyle, 30