The Top NFL Ref Complaints

NFL refs are taking heat for making an alarming number of really bad calls this year.  So add “criticism” to this list of The Top NFL Ref Complaints.

  • Being bored for three hours because you got stuck with goal line duty for the Giants.

  • When you can’t decide if you should wear white with black stripes . . . or black with white stripes.

  • Never knowing what that smarmy SOB Cris Collinsworth said about you until after the game.

  • Not being allowed to bring their seeing-eye dogs on the field.

  • The league frowns on adding interpretive dance elements to the throwing of a penalty flag.

  • Getting stuck behind Andy Reid in the line for the pre-game buffet.

  • Sweating profusely while working an Oakland Raiders home game because of the Kevlar vest under their shirt.

  • Hey, YOU try staying awake during a Titans vs. Jaguars game!

  • You try spending three hours a week arguing with 300-pound men in the early stages of brain damage!

  • Getting every decision they make overturned . . . by someone other than their wives.

  • Being even more hated than Jerry Jones kinda wears on a guy.

  • Black and white stripes?  Really?  Can we have a little color, please?