Sex Relieves Headaches, Period Cramps and Other Cool Stuff

Here are all the magical things that orgasms can do for you.

Orgasm can reduce headaches (and all kinds of other pain). Orgasm has been shown to relieve pain from everything from headaches to hangovers. When you have an orgasm, your brain is flooded with feel-good chemicals. All of the body’s natural happy hormones disperse into the body.  Oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone that relieves pain.

 Orgasms takes care period cramps. This is especially true for cramps during PMS. That wonderful oxytocin has been shown to greatly reduce period cramps.  Intercourse has also been shown to relieve cramps, especially when an orgasm is involved.

 Orgasm can relieve the hiccups. In one study, hiccups lasted through the sexual encounter, only to cease completely at the moment of orgasm. The logic behind it? Apparently, its the same theory as scaring someone out of the hiccups. When you orgasm, you’re so momentarily distracted that the hiccups simple cease.

 It rids you of migraines. In one study, sex was seen as a tool for distraction and relaxation, helping to alleviate some of the migraine patient’s pain. Of course, the idea of having sex when you have a migraine sounds  kind of horrible. But, if it’s going to help you feel better, maybe you should give it a go.