Signs Your Neighbor Is A Witch

A lot of people will be pretending to be witches for Halloween. But some don’t have to pretend. Here are The Top Signs Your Neighbor is a Witch.

  • She’s always coming over to borrow a cup of baby’s blood.
  • She says “The Blair Witch Project” is her favorite comedy.
  • She suspiciously refused to do the Ice Bucket Challenge.
  • She’s constantly seeking Facebook recommendations for wart removal.
  • You overheard an evil cackle that makes you clutch your ears in horror. Sorry. That’s a sign your neighbor is Hillary Clinton.
  • She’s miffed that you killed her sister with a house.
  • Her Wi-Fi network name is Not a Witch666. 
  • Your mail carrier often mistakenly gives you her copy of “Wiccan Quarterly”.
  • She sees your broom and says, “Sweet ride!”
  • She flies into a fit of rage after discovering you named your daughter “Dorothy.”
  • She runs seven different Stevie Nicks fan pages.
  • When you asked her why she looked a little down, she said, “Oh, warlock trouble.”
  • She keeps referring to the “Harry Potter” series as a documentary.
  • She decorates for Halloween by hanging herself on her door.