Study: Taking A Bath Settles Your Mind

Q:  Did you take a bath?

A:  Why, is there one missing?

Careful with that jock, it’s an antique.

But seriously folks, There’s just something about sitting in a warm bath that eases your mind, a new study confirms. Researchers from Germany studied the effects of baths on 45 participants struggling with depression. The volunteers were split into two groups: the first was instructed to take a bath each day for about 30 minutes, and the second group was told to do about 45 minutes of aerobic exercise two times a week. After eight weeks of these practices, researchers found those who took daily baths showed more positive moods overall, while those who exercised for eight weeks only showed a minimum increase in positive feelings. While this study was very small, researchers wrote in their paper that regular baths seem to lead to a “clinically relevant improvement in depressive disorder.”