Least Scary Horror Movies

Halloween season is the best time to watch a scary movie. However, some of them aren’t frightening at all. Here are The Top Least Scary Horror Movies.

  • “Salvation Army of Darkness”
  • “The Texas Chain E-Mail Massacre”
  • “Night of the Living Grateful Dead”
  • “Phantom of the Oprah”
  • “I Know What You Snapchatted Last Summer”
  • “Children of the Organic Non-GMO Corn”
  • “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. T”
  • “Streepshow”
  • “Jason vs. Freddie Prinze, Jr.”
  • “Paralegal Activity”
  • “Invasion of the Dad Bod Snatchers”
  • “Ann Coultergeist”
  • “The People Under the Stairmaster”
  • “Migraine on Elm Street”
  • “The Blair from ‘Facts of Life’ Project”
  • “The Ambienville Horror”
  • “Dawn of the Dead Poets Society”