Signs Your Sitcom Character Is Going to Be Killed Off

Spoilers Ahead!

The heavily hyped death on Modern Family finally happened on Wednesday night’s episode. We are saddened (not really) to announce that DeDe Pritchett, played by Shelley Long, has ascended into primetime eternity. DeDe was the ex-wife of Jay and mother of Claire and Mitchell.

 Claire learned in a phone call that DeDe died peacefully in her sleep, prompting family members to reminisce about the feisty and sometimes-critical DeDe. Series creator Christopher Lloyd promised last month that a “significant character” would die and said it would be a “moving event.” (He was wrong on both counts)


  • You’re suspiciously missing from the opening credits

  •  The effects department keeps asking if you’re allergic to fake blood

  • The name of the episode you’re filming is “Good Riddance”

  • People keep telling you to “get your reel together”

  • Your call time is “never”

  • Your only lines in the episode are “Help! Help! Help!”

  • Other cast members are fighting over who gets to discover your body

  • You just saw the prop department carving your headstone

  • The director asks how long you can play dead

  • The name of your character is “First Victim”