How to Pick a Halloween Costume That Won’t Get You in Trouble at Work

If you’re planning on dressing up for Halloween at work next week, here are six things you should keep in mind when picking a costume . . .

1. Talk to your managers and coworkers first. Especially if this is your first Halloween at your job. You don’t want to be the one person who didn’t get the memo about not dressing up.

2. Make sure your costume doesn’t interfere with your job. If you can’t sit down, walk comfortably, or perform any of the basic functions needed to do your job, pick something else.

3. Check your calendar first. Even though it’s Halloween, if you have a big meeting or other major work commitment, you’re better off skipping a full costume.

4. Bring a change of clothes. Even if you don’t have any appointments scheduled on Halloween, something could still come up. And you don’t want to be stuck in a ridiculous costume dealing with a serious issue.

5. Be sensitive to other employees. A joke that seems funny to you might come across as insensitive to a coworker. Same goes with some special FX makeup or fake blood.

6. Be careful with props. These days, workplace violence makes carrying certain props into your office a BAD idea. (Insider)