Some Things I THINK I Think….

Pat Urban, the ultimate Who fan, told me a story yesterday that he read in Roger Daltrey’s new autobiography.  I promised that I wouldn’t say anything until he could tell it on the air.  It’s a great tale of how The Who got their name.

The members of the band were leading trendsetters in the “MODS”, a group of young people in Britain at the time who were really into fashion.  One of the big “IT” things to do at the time was to steal and wear bowling shoes.  So Daltrey and the guys stole and wore bowling shoes with big numbers on them (shoe sizes) to go along with the theory of big shoes…big feet…big…well, you know….and the called themselves The Big Number Boys.  When that went out of style, they needed a new name.  Someone mentioned an idea and someone else said “The…Who?” because he didn’t hear them…and the name stuck.  I love Rock and Roll stories.  That’s why I tell you one every morning around 7:20, so listen for Liner Notes on 93.7, Daaaaaaaaaaa BUS!!!