Sleeping Around Before Marriage Doesn’t Reduce Marital Happiness…Much

Go ahead an sow your wild seeds before you get married, it won’t ruin your marital bliss. The Institute of Family Studies looked at the CDC’s National Survey of Family Growth and determined that sexual history affects marital happiness, but only a little bit. They found 64 percent of those polled said, regardless of past sexual history or gender, that they are “very happy” in their marriages. And the measured happiness gap between the most and least promiscuous women is only eight percentage points. Among women, those with only one sexual partner, 64 percent reported they were “very happy” in their marriage, among men that jumped to 71 percent. Meanwhile, for women with 21 or more sexual partners, 57 percent reported they were “very happy” in their marriages, while about 60 percent of men in the same category said the same thing.
The Cut