Rejected Names for the Golden Girls Breakfast Cereal

There’s a new way to get your fill of the Golden Girls. The popular TV show that debuted three decades ago and ran for seven seasons has been turned into a breakfast cereal called, of course, Golden Girls. The limited-edition cereal, made by Funko and sold only at select Target stores, is flying off the shelves (even at $7.99 a box). It’s gotten to the point where boxes are showing up on eBay with starting bids between $10 and $25, with one box selling for more than $30. The multigrain cereal is blue and shaped like O’s. Also, each box comes with a prize—a collectible figurine of one of the Golden Girls.

Before they decided to call it simply “Golden Girls” Cereal, they kicked around a few other names. It just so happens that I have the list of finalists:

  • Gray Nuts

  • Crone Flakes

  • Bits ‘o Betty White

  • Elder Berry

  • Geriat-Trix

  • End of Life

  • Nutri-Gran

  • Senior Smacks

  • Feeling Your Oats

  • Gummables

  • Rose Krispies