Ok…I know you all are probably getting tired of reading all of my pleas this month for your help in the Real Men Wear Pink campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month…and I truly do apologize…but I’ve watch both my daughter and my cousin battle this disease and I’m dedicated to doing whatever I can to make sure it’s cured in our lifetimes. So….for Amy and Somer and everyone else who looked Cancer in the eyes and kicked its ass….here goes:

1. Come out to the 93.7 DA BUS live broadcast tomorrow (Saturday) from Noon – 2 pm at The Annette Yorks Group – Perry Wellington Realty office in the Hills Plaza. We’ll be selling the “Jeff Brown and I Wear Pink” T-shirts, sponsored by The Annette Yorks Group, for a minimum donation of $20. There are only a limited number of these shirts, so grab them while you can.

2. You can donate to my fund by going to
(see below)
Not looking for millions out of anyone…a couple of bucks from everyone would work just as well.

3. Buy a “Jeff Brown and I Wear Pink” T-shirt , sponsored by The Annette Yorks Group by calling 814-237-9800 or stopping by the Forever Broadcasting Studios.

4. Stop out and join Rama-Lama, America’s Favorite Doo Wop group (Ok…we have no real proof of that) at The American Ale House on Monday night. We normally do this on Thursdays, but this time it’s on Monday the 22nd….from 6:30 to 8 pm. Please bring your friends for some great Ale House food and beverages and lots of fun as Rama-Lama sings your Doo Wop favorites in exchange for a donation to the Real Men Wear Pink fund.

Again, sorry to be pounding on this. I’ll appreciate anything you can do.