Study Shows How Couples Handle Laughter And Banter

No doubt laughter plays a big role in any relationship, but how it fits into romantic relationships is more complex than you might think. Researchers from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) conducted online interviews with 154 heterosexual couples. Researcher Kay Brauer says, “We found that partners are often alike with regard to their individual characteristics and also their profiles,” and if these two things matched, the couples were usually more content in their relationship than others. They also found provoking others to laugh at you primarily has positive effects on a relationship, but being afraid of being laughed at tended to have negative effects. Those who wanted to avoid being laughed at were usually far less content in their relationship, and also tended to mistrust their partner. Another find: often, men said they did not really feel satisfied with their sex life if their partner was afraid of being laughed at. The scientists note that there is more to a successful relationship than how partners handle laughter, but say knowing whether one of the two partners in a relationship is afraid of being laughed at could be useful information for couples therapy or relationship counselling.