What Would You Give Up to Never Feel Hungover Again? Social Media? Your Dog? A Finger? A Stranger’s Life?

A new survey asked people what major things they’d be willing to give up if it meant they’d never be HUNGOVER again.  But very few of them were actually willing to give up alcohol.

Here are 10 things people would be willing to sacrifice to avoid hangovers forever . . .

1.  Watching sports, 32%.

2.  Their dignity, by getting-it-on with someone unattractive, 25%.

3.  Social media, 22%.

4.  Coffee, 20%.

5.  Netflix, 11%.

6.  A stranger’s life, 8%.  (Dude.)

7.  Alcohol, 8%.

8.  A FINGERTIP, 5%.

9.  Their dog or cat’s LIFE, 4%.  (DUDE.)

10.  Their cell phone, 2%

For a look a the entire survey check here:  https://www.rehabs.com/explore/hating-hangovers/ , and thanks to Rehabs.com.