The Five Best and Worst Things About Traveling for Work

People who constantly have to travel for work always complain about it. And everyone else is like, “I WISH I got to travel and leave the office that much.”

A new study looked at the pros and cons of working on the road by polling people who do it regularly. Here are the five best and worst parts about traveling for work . . .

The BEST part about it is visiting new places. 56% said it’s a perk, followed by working and networking face-to-face . . . getting loyalty points at hotels . . . getting out of the office . . . and eating out at restaurants.

The WORST part is having to be away from your family all the time, followed by dealing with delays . . . dealing with airports . . . wasting so much time in general . . . and trying to stay in shape while you’re on the road.

34% of people who travel for work said they usually have to work longer, harder hours because of it.

But 24% admitted it DOES sometimes feel like their company is paying them to go on a mini-vacation.