Etiquette Mistakes You Are Making

From, here are some dining etiquette mistakes you are probably making…

1. Take small sips of what you’re drinking, not big gulps. And try not to take a sip when you have food in your mouth.
2. Remove the stir stick or paper umbrella from your cocktail.
3. Use the stem on your stemware. When your glass has a stem, that’s where you should hold it. Regardless of what you’re drinking, holding a glass by its stem will keep the beverage from getting too warm, and will keep the bowl of the glass clean and smudge-free.
4. Break your bread into smaller pieces before you butter it and take a bite. If the bread has a hard crust, you can cut it with a knife.
5. Know where your bread plate is. Your bread plate is the one directly above your fork.
6. Don’t make a big deal spitting your olive pit. Spit it discreetly into your left hand and place it to the side of your plate. (* Having a pit distance-spitting contest is right out.)
7. Scoop your soup toward you.
8. When eating cherry tomatoes in salad, use your fork to eat them whole. There’s one exception. When a tomato is too big to fit in your mouth, cut it in half with a knife and fork.
9. When you’re eating fries with food that’s eaten by hand (like a hamburger), go ahead and eat them with your fingers. But if you’re served French fries with fork-food such as grilled steak, use your fork.
10. Use a knife to add butter to your baked potato, not your fork, no matter what experts say.
11. Cut your meat one piece at a time, then eat it. Don’t cut your meat all at once.
12. If pass the salt, pass it with the pepper. Salt and pepper are considered “one” and must be treated as such.
13. Don’t dunk stuff in your coffee, unless you’re at Dunkin’ Donuts or an equally casual place. When you’re done adding cream and sugar, place your spoon on your saucer.
14. Don’t leave empty packets of sugar on the table. Instead, crumple your sugar packets and place them neatly on the edge of your saucer or dessert plate. The same goes for your empty creamer containers.
15. When you’re finished eating, lay your silverware parallel across the edge of your plate. Crossing your cutlery suggests that you’re still eating. Then take your napkin off your lap, and set it to the left of your plate.