Couples’ Most Annoying Habit Is the Sign of a Happy Relationship

Sure, those couples who constantly refer to themselves as “we” may come off as annoying, but that probably means their relationship is rock-solid.  A new study from the University of California Riverside found that pairs who use first-person personal pronouns have more successful relationships and are happier and healthier.

Researchers combed through 30 previous studies involving 5,300 participants in relationships, half of whom were married. Comparing couples who used “we-talk” with those who didn’t, they analyzed several factors to determine happiness in a relationship.  Their findings showed that both men and women of all ages who used “we” and “us” reported more positive effects in every measure.

We-talk is an indicator of interdependence and general positivity in romantic relationships,” said Alexander Karan, co-author of the study.  University of California psychologist Megan Robbins said just using these pronouns could change how you view your relationship.  “Hearing yourself or a partner say these words could shift individuals” ways of thinking to be more interdependent, which could lead to a healthier relationship,” Robbins, co-author of the paper, said.