Not Surprising but We’re All Sick of Politics

No matter what your views are, a new survey found most of us do agree on one thing . . . that the constant bickering about politics is EXHAUSTING now.

87% of people said they think this is the most divided the country has been in their lifetime.  So almost 9 in 10 people agree with that.

But the good news is most of us think we CAN get through it.  77% of people said they think we can still overcome our differences and come together as a country.

Here are three more stats that DO make it seem more possible than you might think . . .

  1. Only 14% of Americans fall into the categories of EXTREME left or right. 8% are extremely liberal . . . 6% are extremely conservative . . . everyone else falls somewhere in the middle.  But a lot of the opinions we see on TV and online come from that polarizing 14%.
  2. Most of us don’t disagree on everything. For example, 82% of people in the poll said they think the country still has a serious problem with racism.  But 80% ALSO agreed that political correctness is out of control.  So don’t assume every opinion someone has fits the “left” or “right” stereotype.  There’s a lot of overlap.
  3. Two-thirds of us think compromise is necessary. And when you remove the “extreme” people on each side, more than half of voters think BOTH parties are responsible for how divided we’ve become.